The System

One System. A Complete Swing Solution.

Key Position Training is a concept focusing on 4 critical positions able to solve most swing problems. The Simple Solutions System features 5 tools designed to cover every critical body, arm and wrist position necessary to ensure crisp contact and maximum club head speed, along with short game tools. The Simple Solution eliminates the need for more than 50 single-fix training aids by addressing issues causing many swing problems. The Simple Solution system effectively trains every critical swing position, as well as chipping and putting.

The Simple Solution pro

The Simple Solution is the keystone to our system.   It is easy to install, and you can hit balls with it.   It trains the arms and hands, swing plane, address positions, impact position as well as release.   It has an adapter at the top allowing it to be used in conjunction with our Simple Laser and Simple Chip as well.

The simple solution really is the most uniquely versatile golf training aid ever developed.   Although it was created to control wrist positions, the simple solution gives feedback and controls the wrist and arm positions, and in a very fortunate way, provides a guide to a very accurate and repeatable swing. It helps put you in the proper position throughout the entire swing.     Many products have been developed to help wrist position.   None does it as well as the Simple Solution.   Many have been designed to offer feedback on the downswing, swing plane, release positions and impact as well. None do it as well as the Simple Solution.   The theory behind its development was that the top of the swing and wrist position sets the body in the right position to initiate the right motion on the downswing.   Then, by controlling the arms and hands, it prevents dozens of mistakes that can creep in after the swing begins.   There has never been a swing trainer as profound and universally helpful.


The Simple Laser

The Simple Laser is an important aid designed to work with the Simple Solution Pro.   By turning on the laser, you open up another long list of training and feedback possibilities.   The laser helps you to understand and see immediate indicators as to whether your swing is in the proper position and on plane throughout the swing.   It is easy to install and sets perfectly nested in the handle of the Original Simple Solution and the Simple Solution Pro.

The simple Laser is easy to use.   At address, make certain the laser is pointing to your belt.   At the top, at the beginning of the downswing, impact and release will all have corresponding check points for the laser.   Although it is much more helpful using to check positions while not actually swinging, it can be used while hitting balls as well.

Simple Chip

The Simple Chip is another important training tool designed to work with the Simple Solution Pro. By attaching the Simple Chip, you now have a tool designed to keep from flipping on chips, while ensuring your hands are always in the right position. Most missed chips are cause by letting the club shaft pass vertical at impact. An extended handle has always been the standard for training this feeling. You simply keep the extension in front of your hip through the chip. Crisp contact is the result every time. It is easy to install and sets perfectly nested in the handle of the Original Simple Solution and the Simple Solution Pro.

Simple Putt

The Simple Putt is a unique version of a standard putting aid. Worldwide and all over all of the tours, players stretch a string between 2 tall spikes. They put one end over the hole, then find a very straight and level putt. By swinging the putter and aligning the ball underneath, it will work to help keep the ball and putter on line throughout the stroke. Our Simple putt is many times more versatile, while producing the same effect and benefit. We use 3 posts. 2 are set close together forming goal posts (another popular training aid for putting) and they connect to another only a few feet away. IT offers the straight path line, but since the ball can exit the other side, it can be used for any length putt, as well as breaking putts, which is impossible with a simple straight line. We feel, it is the one putting aid every golfer should have in their bag.

Simple Line

The Simple line is another adaptation of a standard training aid. It is an alignment stick that is a bit more versatile. It breaks into 3 sections, and one of the sections has pointed ends to use perpendicular to the ground. You can also break them apart and angle a section for path reference or marking center of the stance. Most tour professionals and teachers use alignment sticks and seldom practice without is on the range. It is an important part of the overall Simple Solutions system.