About Us

simple golfing solutions

Simple Golfing Solutions was formed by John Dandrea after inventing the Simple Solutions training aid. The concept of using one device to target very important key positions that influence the entire golf swing is unique in golf. The golf swing is complex, but by focusing on key positions, it can be simplified and make finding a reliable motion much easier. After testing the concept, it became obvious that instant feedback is key, and the Simple Solution was having a very dramatic improvement far outreaching its original goals. To this day, it is continuing to surprise its inventor and teaching professionals as to how many ways the product is helping its users.

Expanding the global solutions concept, Mr. Dandrea has worked diligently to develop the Simple Solutions Pro. The new system is designed for the teaching professional as well as golfers. Teachers are used to carrying and using dozens and dozens of training aids to suit every student’s unique needs. Miraculously, the Pro System seems to take the place of dozens and dozens of other very popular training aids. Even more amazing is it seems to do it better because it always accommodates other elements of the swing, unlike the other products that are single-purposed training aids. The most profound benefit is that the device allows you to discover and feel the proper mechanics of the golf swing. Teaching pros are having a great deal of success using the device especially with beginners because of the instant feedback it provides.

The Pro kit offers the same benefit of the original in a more portable version, and in a complete game solution modular kit. It includes a Laser, a Simple Chip attachment, a segmented alignment stick and an innovative putting trainer. The Laser and Simple Chip attach directly to the Simple Solution, and all elements are neatly stored in its own EVA carrying case.

The Simple Solutions Mission is to make learning golf easier, and give its teachers and students the ability to build a very repeatable and powerful golf swing and a reliable short game to allow them to lower their scores and better enjoy the game of golf.